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Energized breathwork meditation sessions *

* Due to COVID-19 energized SOMA breathwork meditation sessions with Jason Samadhi are currently only available remotely via ZOOM.

Jason Samadhi is a certified SOMA Breath instructor.

Ancient breathing techniques combined with modern technology makes an energized SOMA breathwork meditation experience highly enjoyable while also increasing your energy, health, and wellbeing in minutes:

Certified SOMA Breathwork Instructor

Benefits of a energized SOMA breathwork meditation session

An energized SOMA breathwork meditation session with Jason Samadhi begins by setting an intention.
To manifest a desired outcome for your intention, you want to raise the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body to create feelings of love, joy, and gratitude. Rhythmic breathing during an energized SOMA breathwork meditation session increases your energy and helps you focus on the good feelings necessary to manifest your intention positively.

Energize mind, body, and soul

Rhythmic breathing and breath retentions awaken dormant parts of the brain during a breathwork session by raising your energetic vibration. When you build up the energy in your mind, you perform better in all areas of your life, full of love, joy, creativity, health, and abundance. It can calms your nervous system, increases cognitive function, and elevates your emotions.

Create heart-mind coherence

If you have any negative feelings like fear or anxiety, our breath and heart rate become erratic. By slowing down your breath and focusing on a consistent rhythm of breathing, you create more coherence between your heart and mind. By creating heart-mind coherence through slow, consistent breathing, you can feel more confident, focused, positive, and motivated.

Awaken higher consciousness

Rooted in your sacral chakra, your creative life force energy (or sexual energy) is the physiological source of your creative power. And, your heart center is your source of love, compassion, and understanding. Through SOMA breathing exercises, you can unify mind, body, and soul to naturally awaken higher states of consciousness, realize your full creative potential.

Energized SOMA Breathwork Meditation

Preparing for your energized SOMA breathwork meditation session

What you can expect during your session:

  • Once your appointment is schedule and payment received, you’ll receive an email with your Zoom access information (including information for downloading, installing and setting up Zoom for the video call.
  • SOMA breathwork meditation is a Multi-sensory meditation, setting intentions, rhythmic breathing and heart coherence, breath retentions, Mula Bandha explanation.
  • So, if you have headphones to use during the session, you’ll have a better experience for hearing my voice and the music.
  • I’ll begin the session by making sure you’re comfortable and ready.
  • Every session begins with you setting an intention. This intention can be for whatever you’d like, this is your journey!
  • Finally, before we begin the rhythmic breathing and breath retentions, I’ll guide you through each of the techniques first.

What you need to do to prepare in advance:

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga style clothing is perfect.
  • All breathwork techniques should be done on an empty stomach, either in the morning before breakfast after rehydrating with water, or at least 2 hours after eating a full meal.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to take part in SOMA Breathwork with Jason Samadhi.
  • Please be advised, there are some cases where holding the breath or even breathwork as a whole is not advised. Breathwork and Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) is contraindicated. Please feel free to contact me in advance if you have any questions.
  • Before confirming your appointment, you’ll need to agree to and sign the SOMA Awakening Workshop Participation and Waiver of Liability Agreement.
$99USD • 60-Minute Breathwork Session

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* Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 energized SOMA breathwork meditation sessions are currently only available remotely via ZOOM.