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Are you a conscious business, entrepreneur, or non-profit looking to elevate your brand's digital presence? Hi, I'm Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator and I specialize in creative direction innovation, holistic digital brand strategy, heart-centered marketing, and purpose-driven web design.
Holistic Digital Brand Strategy
Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Purpose-Driving Strategy & Design

A heart-centered holistic digital brand strategy amplifies your brand's uniqueness and authenticity to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Holistic digital brand strategy and design aligned with the goal of creating meaning and impact with your target audience.

Heart-Centered Marketing

Heart-centered marketing strategy focused on authenticity, empathy, and connection to make a positive impact in the world.

Purpose-Driven Web Design

Purpose-driven web design ensures your online presence is a platform for storytelling and engagement that reflects your values and mission.

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Digital Success

Explore the key features that make my services stand out in delivering impactful digital transformations. Learn about my process »

Planning & Strategy

Define website purpose, target audience, structure, features, goals, content requirements, and desired functionality.

Strategic Brand Development

Expert guidance in developing a cohesive brand strategy that resonates with your target market and drives brand loyalty.

User-Centric Design

Craft intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance user experience, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Benefit from SEO-optimized content and digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility and attract qualified leads.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

Ensure your website looks great and functions seamlessly across all devices, maximizing accessibility and user satisfaction.

Ongoing Support for Growth

Post-launch support for your evolving online brand strategy, design, marketing, and creative direction needs.

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

What are Client's Saying?

Discover the real impact of conscious design through the experiences of fellow visionaries and changemakers. View all testimonials »

Gordon McGregor

I adore and am so grateful for Jason Samadhi! His thoughtful, intuitive design inspires me and allows me the peace of mind knowing Jason has my back and brings impeccability to the projects he so artfully creates for my company. And the recognition, praise and feedback for my look and brand are a direct result of the gifts of Jason’s creativity and design!

Gordon McGregor
McGregor Media
Mi Ae Lipe

I am constantly hearing from readers, farmers, and retailers interested in carrying my book how beautiful the Bounty from the Box website is and how impressed they are with it. From this feedback, there is no doubt that Jason’s gorgeous, intuitive web design helps carry my book’s mission of quality information that’s worth seeking out and recommending to others.

Mi Ae Lipe
Bounty from the Box

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Got Questions?

Interested in working with me? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you in your decision making process. Read more FAQs »

Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

Get to Know Me

Hi, I’m Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator. As a creative direction innovator, holistic digital brand strategist, and purpose-driven web designer with over 25 years of experience, I specialize in crafting heart-centered digital solutions that seamlessly blend creativity and technical expertise.
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Holistic Digital Brand Strategy

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