Higher Consciousness Awakening for Creative Living

Live your best life now!

Hi, I’m Jason Samadhi. And, I am a Heart-Centered Creator (designer, artist, and YouTuber). I am also a certified SOMA Breath Instructor. My goal is to empower people—just like you—realize their full creative potential, via three key areas:

  • Higher consciousness awakening
  • Heart-centered creative living
  • Energized breathwork meditation
What is Samadhi?

A state of meditative higher consciousness.

Samādhi is a Sanskrit word that represents a state of meditative higher consciousness. In English, it roughly translates, the bringing together or unification of the mind, body, and soul. A Samadhi consciousness state of meditation means to be here now, authentically (without actually thinking of being here now).

Higher consciousness awakening

Be you. Creativity is the life force that runs through everything, a power within each of us. We all come from the same universal energetic source. And, each of us has a rare gift to share, and we are creative beings capable of expressing our unique perspective of the world around us.

Heart-centered creative living

Be fearless. Be true to your most authentic self, trust your intuition, strive for your highest purpose, and live your best life now. Take the hero’s journey to self-actualization. Embracing gratitude for your life experiences. Inspired others, every day. Live your best life now, it’s your birthright.

Energized breathwork meditation

Be abundant. Energized breathing meditation techniques, such as the SOMA Breath, utilize ancient yoga breathing traditions like rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka (breath retention) to help awaken states of higher consciousness, so you can truly experience your inner bliss.

Energized breathwork meditation for heart-centered creative living.

Rooted in your sacral chakra, your life force energy (or sexual energy) is the physiological source of your creative power. And, your heart center is your source of love, compassion, and understanding.

More than just an esoteric heart-centered approach to conscious living and higher consciousness awakening, energized breathwork meditation can help minimize stress, lower your heart rate, and reduce blood pressure. As well, it can help decrease depression, manage chronic pain, and much more.

Through energized breathing exercises, you can unify mind, body, and soul to naturally awaken higher states of consciousness, realize your full creative potential to live your best life.

Energized breathwork meditation is your invitation to take the hero’s journey to live an inspired life, without limits. Jason Samadhi is a certified SOMA Breath breathwork meditation instructor.