Heart-Centered Living for Conscious Creators

Live your best life now

Hi, I’m Jason. I help conscious creators, holistic healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs empower themselves to tap into their full creative potential, show up in an inspired and authentic way, and get paid to create.
I help awaken and expand creativity in three key ways:

Create a life you love!

Heart-centered living for conscious creators

Energized breathwork meditation

Create. Energized breathing meditation techniques, utilize ancient yoga breathing traditions like rhythmic breathing and breath retention to help awaken states of higher consciousness, so you can truly experience your inner bliss.

Heart-centered creativity coaching

Grow. Creativity is the life force that runs through everything, a power within each of us. We are all creative beings capable of expressing our unique gifts, perspective, and purpose to share with the wold. It is your birthright to live your best life, now.

Purpose driven, conscious web design

Thrive. Professional and conscious web design services for purpose driven spiritual entrepreneurs ready to market your business soul, sell your products or services with heart, and creating a life you live—all while generate revenue online.

Guide Meditations for Creativity and Focus

Expand your creativity

A 21-day course of guided meditations for creativity and focus to help you awaken higher states of consciousness and live your best life.

Online Breathwork Meditation Group Classes

Energized breathwork meditation

Use ancient breathing techniques, combined with modern technology, and your creative life force energy to live your best life!

Sundays • 9AM, Playa del Carmen (6AM PST • 9AM EST)

Join us live each Sunday on Zoom for the next energized breathwork meditation online group class.

Purpose driven web design, made with love

Thrive online, live a life you love, and generate income

Purpose driven web design for conscious creators ready to thrive online, sell your business with soul, create a life you love, and generate income.