Heart-Centered Creator

Hi, I’m Jason Samadhi.

I’m a designer, artist, YouTuber, and certified SOMA breathwork instructor who helps people awaken higher consciousness for creative living. My goal is to empower people—just like you—realize their full creative potential, via three key areas:

  • Higher consciousness awakening
  • Heart-centered creative living
  • Energized breathwork meditation

Testimonials, Namaste and Thank You

What have others said about working with Jason Samadhi?

❝ Jason is a great, experienced and positive person who always fully listens to you. He’s capable of providing an insight from various angles and leave the final decision on you. He taught me a lot and helped me to move on my journey. I recommend following his guided meditations and attend one of his events if you can. Thank you and keep doing your amazing and meaningful work! ❞
George 'Jiri' Vetesnik

Playa del Carmen, México

❝ Jason has been a great and understanding person. This is someone who deeply listen to others. He has no judgments towards you. You feel immediately safe when you speak with him. He will help you to change your perceptions, to feed your soul, and your body of love. His experience is very precious and you can learn a lot from him. After working with Jason, I understood that everyone has their own perspective. And, I cannot hold someone else responsible of what is happening inside of me. I need to deal with myself. Thank you, Jason. ❞
Jérôme Van Vlierbergen

Paris, France

Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

A little more about me.

  • Since 2016, I’ve consciously lived a location independent and minimalist lifestyle.
  • Currently, I am living in Playa del Carmen, México.
  • When I can, I enjoy mindful travel with Mila, my golden retriever and emotional support dog.
  • When traveling, I prefer to immerse myself in the local culture and language of a place.

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