Breathwork Testimonials

What do clients have to say about working with Jason Samadhi? Watch and read client breathwork testimonials.

❝ Jason is an amazing breathwork healer in Playa del Carmen. I have been so happy to find his group sessions and cannot recommend him enough! Incredibly beautiful experience. ❞


Puerto Vallarta, MX

❝ Breathwork was amazing!!! I highly highly recommend! Since the beginning I felt really safe to let myself go in the practice and it’s a beautiful experience that everyone should try! ❞

Querétaro, MX

❝ Very calming experience I felt safe to go on a deep journey communicating with my body. I am glad to have this expansion and grateful for Jason to create the ceremony. ❞


Puerto Vallarta, MX

❝ It was such a great experience. Jason is very friendly, down to earth, and creates a safe, relaxing environment in which to breathe. I can’t recommend him enough. We will definitely do it again. ❞


Puerto Vallarta, MX

❝ A powerful sage with a big heart.

Jason’s intuitive and loving guidance combined with his talent for creating and holding a safe and comfortable energetic space is the perfect setting for inner surrender. ❞


Puerto Vallara, MX

❝ I did a breathwork session with Jason this morning. The whole experience felt very relaxed and powerful at the same time. Thoughts that come to my mind during breathwork come from a place of love within me rather than fear based from the outside world. ❞

Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

❝ What a great session again today! I recommend this to anyone as Jason is a wonderful guide for this breathwork. I left the last session tranquil and at ease, with a feeling of health and vitality through out the rest of my day. I look forward to some one-on-one work with Jason to fit my specific goals. ❞

Calgary, On, Ca

❝ I experienced happy emotions for about two weeks after my first breathwork session. There wasn’t anything else happening in my life that had stirred up such feelings of hope and joy. Jason’s calm and encouraging demeanor made this newbie to breathwork a welcoming and enjoyable life-changing event. ❞

Trenton, NJ, US

❝ Jason is a great, experienced and positive person who always fully listens to you. He’s capable of providing insight from various angles and leaving the final decision on you. He taught me a lot and helped me to move on my journey. I recommend following his guided meditations and attending one of his events if you can. Thank you and keep doing your amazing and meaningful work! ❞

Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

❝ You feel immediately safe when you speak with Jason. He will help you to change your perceptions, to feed your soul, and your body of love. His experience is very precious and you can learn a lot from him. After working with Jason, I understood that everyone has their own perspective. And, I cannot hold someone else responsible for what is happening inside of me. I need to deal with myself. Thank you. ❞

Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

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