Conscious Web Design for Creative Visionaries, Holistic Healers, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Conscious web design for purpose driven spiritual entrepreneurs ready to market your business soul, sell your products/services with heart, creating a life you live, and generate revenue online.

Bottom Line?

Let’s get right to the point…

Your website is an investment in yourself that gives you the flexibility to spend your time and energy on making a difference, enjoying the journey, and most importantly, generating revenue. I provide professional, conscious web design and development for a solid digital foundation built with sustainable growth in mind for like-minded people—just like you?

Conscious web design with heart and soul

Does this resonate with you?

A change-maker and disruptor

A change-maker agitating for idealistic goals, you’re a disruptor inspiring positive transformation, with a clear vision for generating returns good for both your business and the entire planet.

Heart-centered compassion

Compassion is the heart energy of not wishing to do harm to others by either over doing interference or simply being mean.

Intuition is your guiding force

Maybe it was fear, a thought or a feeling, but now your faith in following your “gut” instinct is strong. Your intuition is a guiding force in your life and business.

A spiritual entrepreneur

You identify yourself as a conscious thought leader and heart-centered entrepreneur, energized to tell yourself a story about why you are in business.

Life, or soul, purpose matters

You have an eternal search for the truth about who you are and what you are here to do. You feel your passion grow and expand each time you accept more of your truth.

You’re not afraid to face the truth

Might seem contradictory, but this is about telling yourself the truth. What is really happening? What are you avoiding? What are you pretending still isn’t real?

“What you think of me, is not my problem.”

Spiritual entrepreneurs have discovered when they stop caring what others think, others suddenly start paying attention and are more interested in what you do.

Being in business is a calling

While you realize you are but a small drop in a vast ocean, you still have a yearning to transform the world and do something significant that will leave a legacy of love.

Money matters

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you understand that money, like all things, is just energy. You’re not afraid to take action and do the work to heal outdated patterns and beliefs.

Belief in community

You know the community you are in has the resources you need and the community will benefit equally from knowing it needs what you bring through your gifts.

You create consciously

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you’ve moved beyond trendy theories about the law of attraction and manifestation. Rather, you actually embody them and understand you are the master of creating your reality.

Healers, Intuitives, and Lightworkers…Oh my!

If any of this sounds like you, we are on the same wavelength!

Why Conscious Web Design?

Create, grow, and thrive!

Owning a website gives you a life of freedom, where you’re the boss, while staying true to your values.

Your website is your intellectual property right. You’re in control because it’s your home base online. It’s the one true place where you can authentically show up online—without limits or censorship.

It’s the place where you’re truly free to sell your products/services with soul, market your business with heart, and create the life you love. All the while generating revenue, consciously.

Home Sweet Home, Made with Love

A holistic approach to conscious web design, with loving awareness

With 22+ years of professional industry experience, and over 200 websites designed and built, I provide a uniquely heart-centered and holistic approach to web design expertise and brand strategy for products and services through leadership, research, and development for evolving brands online.


The first step to collaborating in the process of any creative endeavor is to connect and decide if both parties are a good fit to partner and build a relationship together.

Project Management

Once on board, I take care of the technical setup of connecting your domain name to the host and connecting to 3rd party services such Google Analytics and Search Console.

Market Research

Reviewing your goals and demographics, I’ll identify any obstacles and align with an online strategy for sustainable growth to help you reach your target audience..


Wireframes are the necessary blueprint for each page layout – like those created by an architect for a house. Each page layout is a completed mobile-ready wireframe.

Creative Direction

A sustainable online presence requires a digital brand strategy that communicates your goals, personality, and resonates with your target audience.

Visual Design

Using Photoshop and the WordPress Divi Theme Build, I provide custom website design. Most projects include at least one design concept with two rounds of revisions.

Web Development

Using the Divi Theme for WordPress, I take the client’s approved design mockup from the UI design and integrate the design into the website. While I can code from scratch, I use Divi to keep cost low for clients.

Content Creation

Using Google Docs, I create a single document to house all of your content. Together we can collaborate in the Google doc to polish your content and adapt for optimized search engine performance.

SEO Strategy*

Using content created by the client my team and I will review it for accuracy and completeness. Then, we will research keyword terms to optimize each page’s optimal search engine performance (SEO).

Holistic Biz Strategy

I provide real tools to maximize conversions, scale your company, generate new leads, automate your systems and more.

Brand Stewardship

I provide ongoing engagement and strengthening of your brand assets for continued development, consistency, and emotional impact.

Post-Launch Support

I provide ongoing, post-launch, support for evolving your online brand strategy and design, marketing, and creative direction on a per-need basis (estimated separately).

Secure, Fast & Reliable

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

When you’re running a purpose driven business, the last thing you want to be thinking about is WordPress website security and performance.
WordPress is an excellent platform for building a website because it’s free, popular, and easy to use. WordPress powers almost 1/3 of all sites on the Internet.
My preferred service provider for managed WordPress web hosting is WP Engine. Why?
WP Engine provides on-click staging for faster development, automatic daily backups, free content delivery network (CDN), free SSL certificates for secure transactions, enhance performance and security infrastructure, and 24/7/365 support.
Ask me about managed WordPress web hosting options during a one hours consultation or learn more about WP Engine.

Holistic, heart-centered, and conscious web design

Conscious Web Design Portfolio

My super power? Let’s just call it… “WordPress alchemy magic”

Website generally fall in four categories—brochure, portfolio, e-commerce, or membership. With over 200+ sites under my belt, and over 22 years of professional industry experience, there is almost no WordPress-powered website I can’t handle. It’s kind of a multidimensional super power. And, what about marketing automation and integration? Yep, I’ve done that too.
Respira Tu Amor, Mariposa (Christina Alcadre)

Respira Tu Amor

“Respira tu Amor” by Mariposa (Cristina Alcalde) is a multidimensional approach to the expansion of the mind, body and spirit, using breathwork, tantra, and yoga.

Darrin Johnson, is a blog highlighting real-life same gender loving men of color. The blog focuses on the pride and knowledge of the collective power and how that can inspire and change lives.

Mi Ae Lipe, Bounty from the Box

Bounty from the Box

Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook and website are your guide to enjoying more than 90 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs commonly grown by community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms across America.

Gordon McGregor, McGregor Media

McGregor Media

McGregor Media by Gordon McGregor provides strategic planning, live and digital event and course development with a focus on wellness and spiritual markets. Clients include Deepak Chopra and Eckhard Tolled.

Driving in the Real World®

Driving in the Real World® is a change agent for thinking differently about street driving and traffic safety in the real world.

Erin Drone, DSE Consulting

DSE Consulting

DSE Consulting offers bookkeeping and controller services to small and medium-sized companies

Rebecca Ishida MA, MFT

Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT

Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 15 years working on a variety of issues with people from all different backgrounds.

The Willows Inn Bed & Breakfast, San Francisco

The Willow Inn

The Willows Inn Bed & Breakfast is a quintessential San Francisco bed and breakfast inn to explore the city at an affordable price easily, in the heart of San Francisco’s vibrant Castro neighborhood.

 Mark Hollenstein

Mark Hollenstein

Mark Hollenstein is an intuitive healer who provides radical transformation through success coaching, energy healing, and body work for intentional living.

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Conscious Web Designer

Who is Jason Samadhi? My story.

Hi, I’m Jason. I help like-minded people—just like you— empower themselves through heart-centered creation, conscious web design, and certified breathwork facilitation.

As a self-taught web designer with 22+ years of professional industry experience, I have had many amazing opportunities in my career. And, like most entrepreneurs, I have worn many hats, learning many new skills along the way.

Where I am at my best is in the role of helping other purpose driven entrepreneurs. I am incredibly proud of my work and the success my clients achieve.

My Wake Call to the Truth

My “spiritual awakening” began in 2015, while working ten hour days, six days a week, for a marketing agency in San Diego, California. Feeling emotional, physically, and mentally fatigued, I was burned out on the business of design and life.

I knew I was making all the decisions, for all the wrong reasons. In just six months, it had taken its toll. I was lost in my life, confused, and disillusioned by everything.

My wake up call came abruptly, late one night at the office, when I realized my dog had been stuck in the apartment for ten hours straight without food or the ability to go outside for the second day in a row.

I thought to myself, “this isn’t a way to live for her, or for me. Not one of my finer moments, by the next morning, I had quit the job the next morning over email and just looked back.

Since then, I’ve consciously chosen to live a location independent, healthier, and minimalist lifestyle. Currently based in Playa del Carmen, México, I work from.

These days, I am my own boss, I choose my own hours, and I am living a life I love. Which, includes mindful travel with golden retriever and emotional support dog, Mila.

After a lot of soul searching, the ancestral medicine, and now having gained certification as breathwork facilitator, I’ve found empowerment through self-actualization, higher consciousness, and mindful awareness.

Having found renewed confidence in my gifts, I’ve awakened to the realization that by shifting my mindset, I can take purpose driven, heart-centered, approach conscious website design and development—providing my gifts to other like-minded conscious creators, holistic healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs.

Some other companies I’ve worked with along the way…

What about marketing automation? Yep, I know how to do that too!

Ask me about how I can help you automate your marketing consciously during a one hours consultation.

Testimonials…Thank You!

What have others said about working with Jason?

❝ My life has been on a whirlwind of pleasant surprises since launching Working with Jason provided me with a site that is indeed something I am genuinely proud of.

The challenge then became to live up to it by providing valuable content while having fun in the process. Now that I have this new vehicle to be a voice in my community, as Jason stated, the real work begins. ❞

Darrin Johnson, Professional Blogger

❝ As a branding professional, I have collaborated over the past few years with several vendors to create websites for my clients. I have found Jason to be hands-down the most reliable designer I’ve ever worked with. Concerning design and aesthetic, he “gets” it. ❞
Mi Ae Lipe, Author/Editor/Conscious Creator

Bounty from the Box

❝ We’ve worked with Jason for years now, through several versions of our website. He goes beyond just coding and design, with innovative ideas that add functionality allowing us to have more control than ever, eliminating the need for many third party resource. ❞
Michael Curless, Innkeeper

The Willows Inn Bed & Breakfast

❝ Jason is a joy to work with, a consummately intuitive designer. When I started my financial marketing consulting business in 2009, he helped me explore my firm’s background story and attributes to create a truly distinct and relevant identity.

Jason always brings an imaginative vision to what typically could be rather unexciting financial services marketing projects. ❞

Greg Manko, Chief Creative Officer

Manko Marketing

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