[Video] Overcoming Limiting Beliefs—Box Breathing for Inner Strength

Overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt are struggles I’ve dealt with my whole life. In this article, learn an easy box breathing to build inner strength.
[Video] Overcoming Limiting Beliefs—Box Breathing for Inner Strength

Overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt are struggles I’ve dealt with my whole life. In this article, learn an easy box breathing to build inner strength.

I’ve faced my fair share of battles with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem often creeps in uninvited, whispering doubts about our worth. I’ve been there—feeling like an imposter, questioning my abilities, and comparing myself to others. It’s a struggle, but acknowledgement is the first step towards change.

If you’ve ever felt that gnawing sense of self-doubt, you’re not alone. In this journey, we’ll dive into my experiences, lessons learned, and strategies that helped me rise above the shadows of low self-esteem.

Unmasking the Beast: Battling Self-Doubts

We all have moments when self-doubt becomes a relentless adversary. I’m often confronted with these doubts head-on, reminding myself of perceived “past failures,” and needing to refocus on my strengths. The hard part is reminding myself that my doubts don’t define me.

Fear is a common roadblock on the journey to self-improvement. From my own experiences, I’ve also learned that fear can be a catalyst for growth. The challenge is often in accepting and embracing my fears, knowing that the only true limitations are the were the ones I set for myself.

Rewriting Your Narrative: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Embracing Possibilities

Limiting beliefs—those stories we tell ourselves that hold us back—are universal. It’s been said that by challenging those beliefs, we can opened doors to endless possibilities and unlocked our potential.

It’s been my experience that the journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, self-doubt, and fears is ongoing. Day by day, I’m starting to understand, it’s not about erasing these struggles, but about rising stronger from within.

Empowering Self-Discovery: How Breathwork Can Unlock Your Journey to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Low self-esteem—it’s like a shadow that follows us, whispering doubts about our worth. The challenge is learning to change the conversation we have inside our head without ourselves. Breathwork isn’t just inhales and exhales; it’s an art that helps us realign with our authentic selves. Through conscious breathing, we can learn to gently unravel the knots of self-doubt, making space for self-worth to bloom.

Breathing Through Fear: Embracing Courage for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Simply put, fear is the thorn in the path of progress. But here’s the secret: breathwork is your armor. As you breathe deeply, you’re literally inviting courage into your heart. With each breath, fear loses its grip, and you find the audacity to leap into the unknown, embracing opportunities with open arms.

How Box Breathing Helps Overcome Limiting Beliefs: The Science Behind Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Box breathing isn’t just a simple breathing technique—it’s backed by science that through conscious breathing you can reshape your mindset. When you practice box breathing, you’re engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers the relaxation response.

This response counteracts the fight-or-flight mode and reduces stress hormones, creating an optimal environment for cognitive shifts and emotional resilience. This is pivotal in dismantling limiting beliefs by reducing the brain’s reactivity to negative thoughts and facilitating openness to positive reprogramming.1

Box Breathing: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Step by Step

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs—Box Breathing for Inner Strength

In the following steps, I want to show you the simple box breathing technique you can use for overcoming limiting beliefs and fears. Box breathing can be a powerful technique for challenge self-doubt and low self-esteem head on:

  1. Find a Quiet Space. Choose a comfortable and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a relaxed position, with your back straight and your hands resting comfortably on your lap.
  2. Understand the Pattern. Box breathing involves a four-part pattern: inhale, hold, exhale, and hold. Each phase is equal in length, creating a square or “box” shape.
  3. Inhale Slowly. Close your eyes and take a slow, deep inhale through your nose and all the way down to the bottom of your belly for a count of four. Feel your lungs expanding, filling you with positive energy and clarity.
  4. Hold Your Breath. At the top of your inhale, pause and hold your breath for another count of four. Embrace this moment of stillness, focusing on the strength and potential within you.
  5. Exhale Gently. Exhale slowly and steadily through your mouth for another count of four. Imagine releasing any self-doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs with each breath you release.
  6. Hold Again. At the end of your exhale, hold your breath for a count of four. During this pause, picture yourself stepping away from those old beliefs, making space for new, empowering thoughts.
  7. Repeat the Cycle. Begin the cycle again by inhaling through your nose for four counts. Continue this rhythmic pattern—Inhale, Hold, Exhale, Hold—for a few minutes, allowing your mind and body to sync with the breath.
  8. Visualize Your Transformation. As you engage in box breathing, visualize yourself shedding the layers of limiting beliefs like an old, worn coat. Envision stepping into a brighter, more empowered version of yourself.
  9. Embrace the New Belief. During the breathing exercise, cultivate a positive affirmation or belief that counters the limiting thought. For example, if your limiting belief is “I’m not good enough,” replace it with “I am capable and worthy.”
  10. Reflect and Release. After several rounds of box breathing, take a moment to reflect on the experience. Notice any shifts in your thoughts, emotions, or body. If you feel any residual tension, exhale it out with intention.
  11. Repeat Regularly. Overcoming limiting beliefs is a journey. Make box breathing a regular practice in your routine. With consistency, you’ll notice a gradual transformation in how you perceive yourself and your capabilities.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Leverage Box Breathing On Your Journey to Inner Strength

Remember, overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, low self-esteem, and self-doubt is a process, a journey. Be gentle with yourself. Each breath you take is an opportunity to break free from the constraints of limiting beliefs. Through this mindful practice, you’re reprogramming your mind and creating space for a more empowered and confident you. Keep breathing and believing in your potential—you got this!

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[Video] Box Breathing Technique for Inner Strength (Overcoming Limiting Beliefs)


1 The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress in Healthy Adults, National Library of Medicine

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