Heart-Centered Creator Bandana

Get ready to make a statement with this all-over print Heart-Centered Creator bandana. Mix up your outfits by using this as a headband, necktie, or armband. In fact, why not get a second bandana to match your pet? Grab a few and hit the streets in style!


Modern Art with a Prehistoric Twist

Jason Samadhi's artwork has been described as Modern Art with a Prehistoric Twist. Jason is inspired by pre-columbian and prehistoric artwork, Native American art, Egyptian art, polynesian art, as well as influences of caribbean, cuban and african flavor.

Jason’s artistic style has a modern twist by incorporating a warm and vibrant color palette –  intended to delight the senses, hopefully bring a smile to the face of the viewer.

©2023 R. Jason Holland (DBA Jason Samadhi). All Rights Reserved.
**** Jason Samadhi wants to ensure his services are available to everyone called to work with him. If you are presently experiencing financial hardship, please reach out directly to him to inquire about sliding scale options. ****
**** Please remember that Jason Samadhi’s services are intended for educational purposes only. He is not a licensed therapist, doctor, or medical provider, and his coaching should not be considered replacement for such. ****
Disclaimer: Breathwork is NOT advised if you have a known cardiac arrhythmia (including very slow heart rate), a history of heart block, or are taking certain antipsychotic medications. Please review and acknowledge the Breathwork Liability Waiver.

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