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Breathwork events, retreats, and one-on-one sessions in Playa del Carmen, Mexico or online via Zoom with Jason Samadhi, SOMA Breath® instructor.

90-Min. SOMA Breath® Awakening Breathwork Session

Experience a one-on-one SOMA Breath® Awakening breathwork session with Jason Samadhi, available in-person (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) or online through Zoom.
  • Price: $67/USD
  • (Approx. $1200/MXN)

60-Min. SOMA Breath® Breathwork Energized Meditation Group Class

In a one-hour SOMA Breath® breathwork energized meditation group class, you’ll get the benefits of traditional meditation without having to sit in silence for hours mastering techniques.
  • Price: $11/USD
  • (Approx. $200/MXN)

60-Min. SOMA Breath® Therapeutic Breathwork Group Class

During a 1-hour SOMA Breath® therapeutic breathwork group class, you’ll get grounded by switching on the parasympathetic nervous system for optimal rest and recovery.
  • Price: $11/USD
  • (Approx. $200/MXN)

6-Week One-on-One Breathwork Program

The 6-Week One-on-One Breathwork Program is a personalized breathwork experience where you’ll use deep breathing techniques for lifelong optimal health and wellness.
  • Price: $550/USD
  • (Approx. $9900/MXN)

2-Hr. SOMA Breath® Awakening Breathwork Ceremony

During a 2-hour guided SOMA Breath® awakening breathwork ceremony, you’ll activate your inner pharmacy to awaken your senses—mind, body and soul.
  • Price: $22/USD
  • (Approx. $400/MXN)

SOMA Breath® Guided Breathwork Instructor Training

SOMA Breath® offers guided breathwork instructor training for transformational personal development, deep professional development, and community impact.

3-Day SOMA Breath® Guided Breathwork Training

Unlock the transformative power of breathwork mastery during this 3-day SOMA Breath® Guided Breathwork Training. Discovery science-proven Pranayama for lifelong optimal health and wellness.
  • Price: $150/USD
  • (Approx. $2620/MXN)
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**** Jason Samadhi wants to ensure his services are available to everyone called to work with him. If you are presently experiencing financial hardship, please reach out directly to him to inquire about sliding scale options. ****
**** Please remember that Jason Samadhi’s services are intended for educational purposes only. He is not a licensed therapist, doctor, or medical provider, and his coaching should not be considered replacement for such. ****
Disclaimer: Breathwork is NOT advised if you have a known cardiac arrhythmia (including very slow heart rate), a history of heart block, or are taking certain antipsychotic medications. Please review and acknowledge the Breathwork Liability Waiver.

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