Breathe Your Bliss

Breathe your bliss with heart-centered breathwork by Jason Samadhi, certified SOMA Breath® instructor to manage stress, restore inner peace, and ignite your creativity for lifelong optimal health and wellness.

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Heart-Centered Breathwork

Breath, Where Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Transform your life, improve your health, and increase your energy in minutes leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—your breath.
Manage anxiety and stress
Create balance in your mind & body
Enhance personal development
Reconnect to yourself & others
Regulate overall emotional state
Enhance focus and concentration
Improve sleep and relaxation
Create energy and motivation

Heart-Centered Breathwork

Master Your Breath, Master Your Life

Discover science-proven Pranayama breathing techniques for lifelong optimal health and wellness through heart-centered breathwork healing.

Breathwork Healing

Therapeutic breathwork activates parasympathetic nervous system, preparing body for healing and efficient exhalation.

Intention Setting Practice

Intention setting is an important aspect of a breathwork practice because it helps to focus and direct your energy, attention, and desired outcomes during the session.

Breathwork Energized Meditation

Breathwork energized meditation combines breathwork and meditation to promote increased energy, focus, and mindfulness.

Integration for Lifelong Well-Being

Integrating a breathwork experience into your daily routine can be a powerful way to maintain the benefits of the practice for lifelong optimal health and wellness.

The Science of Breath

Learning the science of healthy rhythmic breathing, nasal breathing, and breath retention helps break out dysfunctional habits and integrate breathwork into your daily routine.
Heart-Centered Breathwork

Heart-Centered Breathwork


What does the tribe have to say? Don't take my word for it, read my client's heartfelt testimonies:


A powerful sage with a big heart! Jason’s intuitive and loving guidance combined with his talent for creating and holding a safe and comfortable energetic space is the perfect setting for inner surrender.

Puerto Vallarta, JA, MX

I experienced happy emotions for about two weeks after my first breathwork session. There wasn’t anything else happening in my life that had stirred up such feelings of hope and joy. Jason’s calm and encouraging demeanor made this newbie to breathwork a welcoming and enjoyable life-changing event.

Trenton, NJ, US

What a great session again today! I recommend this to anyone as Jason is a wonderful guide for this breathwork. I left the last session tranquil and at ease, with a feeling of health and vitality through out the rest of my day. I look forward to some one-on-one work with Jason to fit my specific goals.

Calgary, ON, CA

Heart-Centered Breathwork

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A Little Bit About Jason Samadhi

Hey there! I am Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator. I help people—just like you and me—get unstuck in their creative process. I do this via a uniquely holistic approach to purpose-driven web design, heart-centered marketing strategy, creativity coaching, and breathwork healing.

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Breathe Your Bliss

Breathwork events, retreats, and one-on-one sessions in Playa del Carmen, Mexico or online via Zoom with Jason Samadhi, SOMA Breath® instructor.

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**** Jason Samadhi wants to ensure his services are available to everyone called to work with him. If you are presently experiencing financial hardship, please reach out directly to him to inquire about sliding scale options. ****
**** Please remember that Jason Samadhi’s services are intended for educational purposes only. He is not a licensed therapist, doctor, or medical provider, and his coaching should not be considered replacement for such. ****
Disclaimer: Breathwork is NOT advised if you have a known cardiac arrhythmia (including very slow heart rate), a history of heart block, or are taking certain antipsychotic medications. Please review and acknowledge the Breathwork Liability Waiver.

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