is a lifestyle blog created to promote healthy living for the community of same gender loving men of color.

Purpose-Driven Web Design


Conscious Entrepreneur and Blogger, Darrin Johnson and I met within the Janet Jackson fan community during the 2015 release of her ‘Unbreakable’ album.

Heading the conscious messages in Janet’s music, when it came time for Darrin to step into his truth, passion, and power, he came to me in need of a website that would give him the freedom to openly express himself without limits.

The award-winning, user-friendly WordPress blog for integrates enterprise-level website security and performance optimization. Now, has the peace of mind to freedom of expression with a blazing-fast and secure website that make these kinds of dreams come true.

Services Rendered

Visual User Interface Design
Divi Theme, WordPress Web Development
User Experience (UX/UI Design)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Marketing Consulting/Strategy
Security/Performance Optimization
Responsive Web Design
Logo/Brand Identity Design

Purpose-Driven Web Design

Client Testimonial

❝ My life has been on a whirlwind of pleasant surprises since launching Working with Jason provided me with a site that is indeed something I am genuinely proud of. The challenge then became to live up to it by providing valuable content while having fun in the process. Now that I have this new vehicle to be a voice in my community, as Jason stated, the real work begins. ❞

Trenton, NJ, US
Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Samadhi?

Jason Samadhi provides breathwork healing, creative direction, and purpose-driven web design to help you heal, create, and design a life you love and thrive online, selling your business with heart and soul.

Purpose-Driven Web Design

Home Sweet Home Online, Made with Love

Discover a holistic approach to conscious, purpose-driven web design—made with love.

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