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5-Day Breathwork Reset *

During this 5-Day Breathwork Reset, you'll learn the science behind breathwork and discover ancient wisdom for healing and transformation using the power of your breath.

* Course audio currently available in English only.

Samadhi Breath, 5-Day Breathwork Reset

5-Day Breathwork Reset by Jason Samadhi *

master your breath, master your life

Transform your life, improve your health, and increase your energy in minutes leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—your breath. The benefits of conscious breathing for healing are frequently felt right away:


  • Access and heal suppressed feelings, resentments and traumas.
  • Free yourself, taking control of your mental and emotional health.
  • Achieve deep states of self-awareness.
  • Attain even states of calm and focus.


  • Decrease heart rate & blood pressure.
  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system, giving you a calm feeling.
  • Relax neck and chest muscles through deeper diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Increase oxygen to cells and organs.


  • Transcend your body and mind.
  • Connect with your inner spirit.
  • Let go of your ego mind and establish a connection with the universe.
  • Achieve spiritual awakenings for higher states of consciousness.

5-Day Breathwork Reset by Jason Samadhi *

What Will You Experience?

Throughout this five-day journey, using the power of your breath you’ll learn the science behind breathwork, and discover ancient wisdom to reset, release, and rejuvenate for powerful and transformational healing—mind, body & soul.
Jason Samadhi
Day One

“Reclaim Your Breath” (Heart-Mind Coherence)

On day one of this 5-day Breathwork Reset, you’ll learn the conscious SOMA Breath™ breathing techniques as the foundation for restoring your health and wellness.

Day Two

“You Are Your Medicine” (The Science of Breath)

Breathwork isn’t just woo-hoo esoteric stuff. On day two of the 5-Day Breathwork Reset, you’ll learn the science and physiology behind breathwork for transformational healing—mind, body & soul.

Jason Samadhi
Jason Samadhi
Day Three

“Negative Emotions Release” (A Guided Visualization)

On day three, we’ll dive deeper with a guided visualization breathwork meditation. Using the power of your breath and your creative life force energy (sacred sexual energy) you’ll employ shadow work to release trapped negative emotions.

Day Four

“You Are a Creator” (Life Force Activation)

Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza, on day four, you’ll learn ancient wisdom to activate the seven main energy centers of your body (chakras) and utilize your creative life force energy for restoration and transformation healing.

Jason Samadhi
Jason Samadhi
Day Five

“Breathe Your Bliss” (Shamanic Awakening Journey)

On the last day of our 5-Day Breathwork Reset journey, you’ll experience a shamanic SOMA Breath™ Awakening Journey for ecstatic joy, bliss, and lifelong happiness.

you are your own medicine

When we breathe together, we feel together and we heal together. When you purchase this course, you membership includes access to our private Facebook group, Samadhi Tribe.

Samadhi Tribe is our safe-space global healing community to support you on you inward journey of self-healing and development and foster a community of strength, courage, compassion, and understanding.

5-Day Breathwork Reset by Jason Samadhi *

Frequently Asked Questions


What is breathwork?

Your breath brings oxygen into your body so that you can thrive. When you are physically or emotionally stressed, it affects how you breathe. Breathwork helps to calm your stress and bring balance to your body.

People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga practice. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in.

What are the health benefits?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by stress and feel out of control. When you focus on breathing, you allow your body the chance to reset and recover from the negative side effects of stress.

Physical health benefits of breathwork may include:

  • Balanced blood pressure
  • More time in deep sleep
  • Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma
  • Stronger respiratory function
  • Better immune system
  • Release of stress hormones from your body

Is breathwork safe?

In general, breathwork is a perfectly safe activity that almost anyone can do with limited risk. It’s been scientifically proven to offer many benefits for physical and mental health, and has even been recommended by medical professionals to help patients improve their breathing.

Anyone feeling uneasy about trying breathwork can seek out private sessions, workshops, and retreats where they’ll be able to learn and experience breathwork under the guidance of trained facilitators.

How do I prepare for breathwork?

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga style clothing is perfect.
  • Don’t eat 2 hours before. All breathwork techniques should be done on an empty stomach, either in the morning before breakfast after rehydrating with water, or at least 2 hours after eating a full meal.
  • Get comfortable. Begin the session by making sure you’re comfortable, in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Wear headphones. If you have headphones to use during an online session, you’ll have a better experience hearing the music and my voice.
  • Intermittent hypoxic training (ITC)? Please be advised, there are some cases where holding the breath or even breathwork as a whole is not advised. Breathwork and Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) is contraindicated.
  • Acknowledge the liability waiver. Before scheduling a healing session, you’ll be asked to confirm you acknowledge the breathwork liability waiver.


Why a 5-Day Breathwork Reset?

Let me ask you something? How are you doing? Have you been feeling stress, anxiety, or maybe depression, isolation, or loneliness? If you are, you’re not alone.

Since the pandemic, a lot of us have. The world has changed since the pandemic started in 2020 and things haven’t exactly gone back to “normal.”

Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself the big “meaning of life” questions. “Why am I here?” “What’s my purpose in life?” “What IS the meaning of life?”

Believe me, I understand. While I don’t think I’ve had COVID since the pandemic started, I was definitely impacted by the stress, anxiety and depression of the loneliness that came with isolation.

Fortunately, breathwork can help!

Just by practicing deep, controlled breathing, rhythmic breathing and even breath retention, you can easily get yourself out of that fight or flight state of stress and anxiety to the calm state of rest and digestion.

Put another way, you move from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. Our bodies can’t be in both states at the same time.

During breathwork, you’re literally telling your brain to switch from the chemicals of defense and protection to the chemicals for calm, tranquil healing and rejuvenation. So you literally are your own inner pharmacy!

Moving into a calm state of mind, in greater coherence with your heart, it’s much easier from a a calm, present state to surrender and let go of the stress and anxiety.

What is tantra?

Tantra are the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that developed in India from the middle of the 1st millennium CE onwards.

The term tantra, in the Indian traditions, also means any systematic broadly applicable “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique or practice”.

In Tantra, the universe is alive, not illusory. It represents the manifestation of the joyous, free Divine Consciousness in a variety of forms.

All manifestation is simply the interplay of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine. Thus, we can say that Tantra is a world-affirming and body-affirming spiritual tradition.

A practical consequence of this view was that householders could aspire to spiritual liberation (moksha), which was not the case in Classical Yoga, where renunciation of worldly life was considered absolutely necessary for moksha.

Tantra dissolves the division of spiritual versus mundane. Every aspect of life is integrated as a tool for spiritual growth.

What is sacred sexual energy?

‘Sacred sexuality’ and ‘tantric sex’. Two terms that are thrown about a lot in spiritual/yoga communities these days. That essentially equates to the same thing – making sex a sacred, holy act.

Throughout the ages, all of the spiritual traditions have hinted towards the sacredness of sex. Through sex and sensuality we can experience ultimate states of bliss, wholeness and joy.

You can even use this kind of lovemaking to bring your most true desire into fruition.

Thanks to the rise of neo-tantra, tantric sexual practices are no longer reserved for those who are studying and practicing classical tantra .

Neo-tantra is a set of ideas, practices, and techniques aimed at improving sexual performance and moving sexual energy. It helps us go about our sex lives from a conscious, spiritual mindset.

Meanwhile, classical tantra aims to work with the subtleties of the energy body. In doing so, we manipulate and move energy through the chakra system. Most of the practices are non-sexual.

Who is Jason Samadhi?

Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

Hi, I am Jason Samadhi and I’ll be your guide during this journey.

I provide breathwork healing, creative direction, and purpose-driven web design to help you heal, create, and design a life you love and thrive online, selling your business with heart and soul.

An expat from California, I have lived in Mexico for five years. While living in Mexico, I have experienced several ancestral plant medicines.

Ultimately, I realized the most potent and readily available holistic tool on the planet comes from within—breath.

Feeling called to share this medicine with the world, I became a certified SOMA Breath™ breathwork facilitator.

5-Day Breathwork Reset by Jason Samadhi *

What does the tribe have to say?

Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Samadhi?

Jason Samadhi provides breathwork healing, creative direction, and purpose-driven web design to help you heal, create, and design a life you love and thrive online, selling your business with heart and soul.

5-Day Breathwork Reset by Jason Samadhi *

Transform your life using the power of your breath

Join Samadhi Tribe now to begin the 5-Day Breathwork Reset and learn the science behind breathwork, and discover ancient wisdom to reset, release, and rejuvenate for powerful healing and transformation—mind, body & soul—use the power of your breath!
* Audio available in English only.

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