Healing Online Courses to Unlock Your Full Potential

Jason Samadhi's healing online courses combine ancient wisdom with modern science to unlock your potential, increase your energy, and improve your health.

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Healing online courses give you the power to heal at your own pace—at home or on the go. Below is a selection of currently available breathwork and meditation healing online courses.

40-minute Introduction to Breathwork mini-course

Price: FREE!!!

40-Minute Introduction to Breathwork Mini-Course

Needing Stress Relief? Start the free 40-minute Introduction to Breathwork now and learn simple breathing techniques to increase your energy and improve your health in minutes.

21-Day Meditation for Creativity Experience

Price: $49/USD

21-Day Meditation for Creativity Experience

21-day meditation for creativity course to help you let go of the past, expand your creativity, and set an intention to create a life you love.
Shante Ishta: The Single Eye of the Heart

Price: $49/USD

Tantra Meditation & Heart-Mind Coherence Mini-Course

Experience a science and esoteric integrated meditation for creating heart-mind coherence through tantric awareness cultivation.

Tapping into Divine Feminine Energy Breathwork Collection

Price: $149/USD

3-Day Divine Feminine Energy Breathwork Healing Journey

Learn how to use the power of your breath to create deeper connections of self-love, for more continuity in your life and relationships.

The 3-Day Tantra for Gay Men  Breathwork Journey

Price: $149/USD

3-Day Tantra for Gay Men Breathwork Journey

Experience a 3-day breathwork journey for gay men’s mental health, self-care, and sacred sexual energy healing to unlock your potential.

Self-Guided Breathwork Meditations

Price: $199/USD

Samadhi Breath, Self-Guided Breathwork Meditations

Self-guided Breathwork for Healing Meditations are intended for experience SOMA Breath™ advanced practitioners and facilitators.

Samadhi Breath, 5-Day Breathwork Reset

Price: $249/USD

The 5-Day Breathwork Reset

During this five day journey, you’ll use the power of your breath, learn the science behind breathwork, and discover ancient wisdom for profound healing and transformation.
Samadhi Breath, 7-Chakra Activation Breathwork Awakening

Price: $299/USD

The 7-Day Chakra Activation Breathwork Experience

Activate your seven chakras to unlock your full potential using the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—of your breath.

Healing Online Courses

Client Testimonials

Breathwork was amazing!!! I highly highly recommend! Since the beginning I felt really safe to let myself go in the practice and it’s a beautiful experience that everyone should try! ❞


Querétaro, MX

FREE 40-Minute Intoduction to Breathwork

Become Happier, Healthier & Expand Your Creativity

Feeling stress or anxiety? Get the free 40-minute Introduction to Breathwork * mini-course and learn simple breathing techniques to calm your mind in minutes.

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