Creativity Coaching to Break from Mediocrity

Are you feeling stuck? I offer heart-centered creativity coaching to help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs to show up authentically with purposeful intent to achieve excellence in all areas of life.

Heart-Centered Creativity Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential—Mind, Body & Soul

Does any of this resonate?

  • “I want to awaken your full potential to live your best life, but I feel stuck?”
  • “I’m on the fence. Maybe, I need a little support getting to the next step.”
  • “I want to start a business, but I’m scared I won’t thrive selling online.”

If any of this sounds familiar, maybe a creativity coaching session can help.

I provide one-on-one creativity coaching as a safe-container to help you connect with your inner wisdom to overcome fears, expand your creativity, and tap into your full potential.

I achieve this via a uniquely heart-centered approach that combines breathwork healing, transformational thinking, and loving awareness with personal brand strategy from my many years as a creative director and professional web designer.

Speak Your Truth

Words are magic spells. While it may be difficult at first, when we give voice to our shadows and bring them to the light, we decrease their hold on us and increase the power of positivity.

Courage & Authenticity

Be fearless. Be true to your most authentic self, striving for your highest purpose. I will always encourage others to share their truth and realize their full potential.

Joy & Abundance

As beautiful and divine creative beings, we are more alike than different. It’s your birthright to share the joy of your unique point of view. The world needs it now more than ever!

Creative Coaching with Jason Samadhi

A Unique Approach to Creativity Coaching

I provide one-on-one creativity coaching as a safe-container that combines breathwork healing, transformational thinking, and loving awareness with personal brand strategy.

Breathwork Healing

Transform your life, improve your health, and increase your energy in minutes leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet—your breath.

Transformational Thinking

Go beyond mediocrity with simple life hacks for realizing your full potential. Connect with your creativity and inner wisdom through loving awareness and transformational thinking.

Personal Branding

Draw from 25+ years of experience in creative direction, brand strategy, and professional web design to supercharge your personal to show up authentically in all areas of your life.

Creative Coaching with Jason Samadhi

Your Goals, Outcomes, Accountability, and Next Steps

What Are Your Goals?

Before we begin, I invite you to envision your desired outcome. We’ll start by identifying the specific issue of your unique situation:

  • Where are you now, versus your desired outcome?
  • What are the goals you want to achieve?
  • What will that look like or feel like for you?


You are your own medicine and you create your reality. During the session, you’ll be expected to hold yourself accountable:

  • How will you hold yourself responsible for the goal(s)?
  • How can I partner with you to enhance your experience?
  • You may be asked to come up with an actionable plan.

Key Outcomes

Before the end of the session, you’ll be asked to summarize your actions, commitments, and perspective shifts:

  • What are your takeaways from this session?
  • What new awareness or learning happened?
  • How will this support you moving forward?

Next Steps

By the end of our session, you will choose the action items you’ll commit to:

  • What might get in the way of you accomplishing these?
  • How will you support your commitment to these actions?
  • You may be invited to do some homework, journaling, or other in-between session activity.
Creativity Coaching
Creativity Coaching
Creativity Coaching

Creative Coaching with Jason Samadhi

What do others have to say?

Imagine this 2-hour session changed your life, and one year from today you called me, what would you say? You don’t have to guess, here’s what others are saying:

❝ You feel immediately safe when you speak with Jason. He will help you to change your perceptions, to feed your soul, and your body of love. His experience is very precious and you can learn a lot from him. After working with Jason, I understood that everyone has their own perspective. And, I cannot hold someone else responsible for what is happening inside of me. I need to deal with myself.. ❞


Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

❝ Jason is a great, experienced and positive person who always fully listens to you. He’s capable of providing insight from various angles and leaving the final decision on you. He taught me a lot and helped me to move on my journey. I recommend following his guided meditations and attending one of his events if you can. Thank you and keep doing your amazing and meaningful work! ❞


Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

2-Hour Creativity Coaching Session • $197/USD

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It’s time to reinvent. Time to drop the confusion, rumination, and procrastination. Time to experience what a fresh perspective and a massive mindset shift can do for you. Together we’ll define what’s getting in your way, get clear on what you want, and get into action.

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