5-Day Breathwork Reset

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Why a 5-Day Breathwork Reset?

How are you, really? Have you been feeling stressed or anxious? Depressed, isolated, or even lonely?

You’re not alone.

In pandemic times, we’re all feeling it in one way or another—as a breathwork facilitator, I’m no exception to this shared experience.

The world has drastically changed since 2020 and instead of returning to how things were, we’re grappling with how to navigate a whole new “normal” that can leave us feeling disoriented and unsteady on the best of days.

Because of the challenges we face in this tumultuous time that’s rife with unknowns, we have collectively been impacted by post-pandemic stress disorder, and are operating under its effects on a daily basis.

If you’ve been feeling drained, dragged down, bummed out, or you’ve lost the spark, are overcome with hopelessness, feel alone or overwhelmed . . . a reset may be in order.

As a certified SOMA Breath® breathwork instructor, I created this 5-day experience to breathe energy into the dense cavities and liven up the spirit, welcoming hope, healing, and a brighter outlook into daily life again.

Breathwork can help!

Just by practicing deep, controlled and rhythmic breathing, and breath retention, you can easily transport yourself out of the fight-or-flight stress state into the calm state of rest and digestion.

Breathwork functions to move you from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system, telling your brain to switch from the chemicals of defense and protection to the chemicals of calm, tranquil healing and rejuvenation.

You become your own inner pharmacy!

In this calm state that’s in greater coherence with your heart, it’s much easier to release stress and anxiety. This is also the state in which fresh, creative ideas and solutions come to mind to help you navigate life’s struggles.

Breathwork opens you up to go inward and reconnect with your meaning and purpose, the greater mission you’re meant to fulfill but may have been too bogged down to face and embrace.

During the 5-Day Breathwork Reset you can expect:

  • Simple, step-by-step breathing techniques to de-stress, soothe overwhelm and revive
  • Daily live group healing breathwork sessions via Zoom (Recordings will be made available if you aren’t able to attend the live sessions or would like to revisit for practice.)
  • Guided rounds of SOMA Breath® rhythmic breathing, breath retentions, and guided meditation
  • Opportunities to learn, share and heal in a group setting. When we breathe together, we feel together, and we heal together.

By the end of this 5-Day Breathwork Reset, you’ll have a deep understanding of the power of your breath for restoring joy and kickstarting healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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Introduction to the 5-Day Breathwork Reset
Over the course of our five day journey together, you’ll use the power of your breath, learn the science behind breathwork, and discover ancient wisdom to reset, release, and rejuvenate for powerful healing and transformation—mind, body & soul.

  • Welcome to the 5-Day Breathwork Reset

Day 1: “Reclaim Your Breath” (Heart-Mind Coherence)

Day 2: “You Are Your Medicine” (The Science of Breath)

Day 3: “Negative Emotions Release” (A Guided Visualization)

Day 4: “You Are a Creator” (Life Force Activation)

Day 5: “Breathe Your Bliss” (A Shamanic Awakening Journey)

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