Guided Breathwork Meditation Videos by Jason Samadhi *

This collection of energized, guided breathwork mediation videos on YouTube by Jason Samadhi, certified breathwork instructor, will help you increasing your energy, health, and well-being in minutes.

Heart Chakra Healing Breathwork Meditation

In this heart-centered ceremony, you will be focusing on your heart chakra to give loving awareness to your intentions. Create heart-mind coherence through consistent breathing to feel more confident and focused.

Electrify the Willpower of Your Solar Plexus Chakra

In this Energized Breathwork Meditation, “Electrify Your Willpower,” we’re shaking things up! You’ll be focusing in your solar plexus chakra to electrify your willpower, commitment, and determination.

Release Negative Emotions Breathwork Meditation

This guided breathwork meditation will help you release any negative emotions up from your body. You’ll move the energy up into your heart chakra, and transmute those negative emotions with loving awareness.

Meditation using the Sacred Chant of OM

In this guided breathwork meditation, you’ll start with three cleansing breaths, followed by three, full-body, full breaths into your belly. You’ll learn breathwork techniques utilizing breath retentions and OM chanting.

* Disclaimer: Your health is solely your responsibility. If you have any health contradictions such as a heart conditions or problems breathing, you can continue with this breathwork meditation, but it’s recommended to breathe normally during the breath retentions.

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