[VIDEO] Vocal Toning with the Sacred Chant of “OM”

In this guided breathwork meditation, you'll use the sacred chant of "OM" for vocal toning to harmonize the frequencies and vibrations of your cells for physical healing....Continue Reading »
Samadhi Breath, Introduction to Breathwork
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Vocal Toning and the Sacred Chant of OM Meditation (Breathwork)

Energy makes up everything in the universe, and everything has its unique frequency and vibration. Inside each of us, the cells that make up our tissues, fluids, organs, muscles, and bones vibrate at their frequency as well.

Often, due to either internal or external influences, the frequency and vibration of our cells can get “out of tune.” Fortunately, you can use your voice to realign the vibrations and frequencies of your cells—this is called “entrainment.”

Vocal toning uses the voice to harmonize and balance your cells and the energetic pathways of your body. As well chanting a mantra—such as the sacred chant of “OM”—you can heal and harmonize the frequencies and vibrations of the cells.

Science and Health Benefits of Vocal Toning

Epigenetics and quantum physics suggest that possible diseases throughout the body originate from disturbances in the body’s electromagnetic field. Vocal toning for three to five minutes can alchemize your body’s chemistry and realign the vibration and frequency of your energetic field.

Scientific research has also shown daily meditation practice increases mental resilience by stimulating the neocortex and improves our overall emotional intelligence.

There are many additional health benefits of vocal toning, including:

  • Restores your vocal cords;
  • Increases confidence through relaxation;
  • Stimulates circulation and increases physical stamina;
  • And, balance hormones, increase melatonin, and release endorphins.

In essence, you are quite literally your own in pharmacy. By using your voice and conscious breathing to return the vibrations and frequencies of your cells through entrainment.

Breathing is an integral part of life and an essential part of yoga and meditation. Life is just a series of inhales and exhales. When we focus our breath with a mantra, like the sacred chant of “OM,” we invite ease and flow into our lives.

While there are many types of sound-based meditation techniques, in this guided breathwork meditation, you will use your voice to effectively alchemize, stimulate, and heal the cells throughout your body.

Vocal Toning, Dantian, and “OM” Mantra Chanting

Vocal Toning and the Sacred Chant of "OM"

Dantian, or dan tian, translates from Chinese to mean “field of elixir”—the seat of life force energy in the body.

The concept of Dantian has roots in Taoist and Buddhist traditions, believed to be related to higher states of consciousness, are similar to the Indian yogic concept of chakras.

For this sacred chant of “Om,” we’ll break the Dantian into three parts—lower, middle, and upper Dantian.

Lower Dantian

The lower Dantian is located in your sexual organs and stomach and represents your creative life force energy.

When you begin the “Om,” you’ll start with the sound of “Aaaa.” This vibration of the part of the “Om” triggers your creative energy.

Middle Dantian

The middle Dantian is in the area of your heart and lungs and represents the preservation of your body and where you feel expressions of love.

Moving into the heart center, you’ll adjust the tone to the sound “Ooo.”

Upper Dantian

Finally, you’ll move the chant into your mid-brain, or the upper Dantian. The upper Dantian represents your intellect, your communication and expression, and your connection to higher states of consciousness.

Moving into the mid-brain, you’ll shift the sound to a vibration of “Mmm.”

The Sacred Chant of “OM”

Now connect all three Dantian by combining the sounds into one smooth tone: “Aaa,” “Ooo,” and “Mmm.”

[Video] Sacred Chant of “OM” Breathwork Meditation

Begin today’s meditation by getting comfortable. You can either choose to do this sitting or laying down. Either way, make sure that your spine is straight and your hands are comfortably in your lap or by your side.

During this breathing exercise, you’ll inhale fully through your nose, and into your belly. Nose breathing reduces exposure to foreign substances, humidifies and warms the air, increases airflow, and increases oxygen to the body for better circulation.

When you exhale, consciously breathing out your mouth, you’ll use your voice for vocal toning with the mantra chanting the sacred chant of the “OM.”

In this guided OM meditation, we’re going to do the first three cleansing breaths, followed by three, full-body, full breaths into your belly. We’re going to do our three cleansing breaths. Shake it out. Let out any negative feelings or the bad frequencies and vibrations of your body.

As you inhale, breathing fully into the belly, pull up your pelvic floor, squeezing the muscles around your genitals and sphincter. This is called a “Muhla Banda” energy lock and it activates your creative life force energy.

After a few minutes of rhythmic breaths, you’ll be guided to take a deep inhalation, and exhale with the sacred chant of “OM.”

At the end of the sacred chant of “OM,” you’ll go into breath retention by exhaling any remaining air from your lungs. You can follow the “OM” by making a hissing sound as you exhale. And then, hold on to the exhale and completely relax your body.

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Samadhi Breath, Introduction to Breathwork
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Try the FREE Intro to Breathwork course now and learn easy breathing techniques to improve your health and increase your energy in minutes. Fields marked with an * are required. 

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