Connection, the Power of a Smile

Connection and the power of a smile. You never know how the power of a smile make someone’s day and the people they impact.
Connection, the Power of a Smile

Today, let’s talk about connection and the power of a smile. In these crazy times, we’re living in, there’s been lots of craziness going on the last year and a half. And it’s sometimes it feels like we’ve kind of disconnected from each other.

And so, when I talk about connection, I’m talking about the effortless act of when you’re walking on the street, make eye contact, and say hi. Smile, say hi, that’s it.

I’m talking about just the little things we can do to make a difference in someone else’s day. And the fact is, is that other people are just a mere reflection of ourselves.

And, you know, we don’t know. We only see the tip of the iceberg, the outer side surface. And we don’t know what’s going on deep down inside.

And sometimes just a smile, hello, a greeting is a great way just to make someone else’s day. And you never know the ripple effect of that smile. Your smile to somebody else could make their day, and they could smile at somebody else.

And you could impact lives in ways that you can’t even imagine. All just by smiling and saying hi to a stranger you pass on the street.

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