[Video] Grounding Root Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

In this breathwork meditation for root chakra activation, you’ll reestablish your energetic connection to Gaia, Mother Earth, for grounding and stability. Learn the basic breathwork techniques we’ll use throughout this 7 chakra activation, breathwork online course.
[Video] Grounding Root Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

Welcome to the transformative realm of root chakra activation through guided breathwork meditation. In this enchanting journey, we embark on a profound exploration of the energetic nexus between our earthly existence and the spiritual realms.

Understanding Root Chakra Activation

Situated in the perineum, nestled between the sphincter and genitals, the root chakra pulsates with vibrant red energy. It serves as the linchpin connecting our spiritual, energetic, and physical selves to the very essence of Mother Earth. As we delve into the nuances of this foundational energy center, we uncover its influence on the lower realms of our being.

The Physical and Psychological Tapestry

The root chakra intricately weaves its influence through the lower part of our body. It orchestrates the harmonious functioning of our bladder, kidneys, lower spine, and back. Psychologically, it is the wellspring of confidence and the guardian of our survival instinct.

During phases of life dictated by primal needs—food, shelter, and finances—the root chakra takes the reins of our survival. It becomes the guiding force, ensuring that our basic necessities are met with an unwavering strength rooted in the Earth itself.

“A Return to Gaia,” The Earthly Connection

Beyond its physical and psychological implications, the root chakra forms an ethereal bridge to Gaia, Mother Earth. In our journey of Root Chakra Activation, we align ourselves with the cosmic provider of abundance. Grounding and connecting to the Earth through this chakra not only bestows self-confidence but also instills a profound sense of reassurance.

Picture yourself as a tree firmly rooted in the Earth, drawing sustenance from its depths. Similarly, as we activate and balance our root chakra, we establish an unshakable foundation for personal growth and spiritual ascension.

Guided Breathwork Techniques

Central to our 7-chakra activation breathwork course are the fundamental techniques that guide our meditative sojourn. These breathwork practices act as the conduits, channeling the transformative energy from the root chakra to the crown.

As you partake in this breathwork meditation, envision the red energy of the root chakra enveloping you like a protective cocoon. Inhale deeply, drawing in the essence of stability and exhaling any lingering doubts or insecurities. With each breath, you strengthen the roots of your connection to both self and Earth.

[Video] Root Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation, “A Return to Gaia”

Join us in this transformative experience, and let the roots of your being intertwine with the energies of Mother Earth for a life truly lived and loved.

💫 What’s included in this Root Chakra Activation Breathwork?

  • 2 rounds of rhythmic breathing followed by breath retentions
  • Each round includes 4 minutes of 4 in, 4 out and 2 in and 2 out
  • Followed by 1.5 minute inhale retention and 1.5 minute exhale retention
  • Concludes with a 10 minute relaxing meditation
  • 0:52 Introduction to Root Chakra Activation
  • 3:05 Breathing Techniques Explained
  • 10:15 Guided Breathwork Meditation

Preparing for breathwork:

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga style clothing is perfect.
  • Don’t eat 2 hours before. All breathwork techniques should be done on an empty stomach, either in the morning before breakfast after rehydrating with water, or at least 2 hours after eating a full meal.
    ª Get comfortable. Begin the session by making sure you’re comfortable, in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Wear headphones. If you have headphones to use during an online session, you’ll have a better experience hearing the music and my voice.

Is breathwork safe?

Breathwork is generally safe for most individuals when practiced responsibly and with appropriate guidance. However, it’s important to approach breathwork with caution and be mindful of your physical and mental well-being.

Who is breathwork NOT for?

Do not practice this breathwork during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions, should always consult a medical professional before starting breathwork.

These breathing exercises are a guide only, you should always listen to your own body and not push yourself, if you feel unwell STOP.

Never practice breathing exercises before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath, or in any other circumstance where the loss of consciousness could result in bodily harm.

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  • Featuring original rhythmic breathing music by Jason Samadhi.
  • Originally recorded September 2020.
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