Simple Breathing Trick for Coping with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

We’re all going through a collective post-pandemic stress disorder since the start of COVID. Here is a simple breathing trick for coping with the stress and anxiety.
Simple Breathing Trick for Coping with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

Let’s talk about something nobody wants to speak of these days: The collective post-pandemic stress disorder every one of us has been feeling since the start of this pandemic.

Regardless of your beliefs about it, collectively, we are all going through this experience together.

It seems what’s one most challenging, more than anything, are our interpersonal relationships. Each of us is like a charged volcano on the edge of an eruption.

This experience, especially during the lockdowns, has forced all of us to go inward, to face our wounds, our shadows, our demons. It’s forcing us to meet the things inside us we’ve avoided, things we didn’t even realize were a problem.

We post on social media as if life is a beach and everything is perfect. An illusion of what we want the world to see while avoiding the pain we feel inside. The loneliness, the separation.

Each of us is like an iceberg; we only see what’s on the surface. At least the visible in the physical 3D. But the truth is we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. All of us needs love, compassion, understanding, and most of all, forgiveness, especially for ourselves.

What are Some Symptoms of Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder?

PSD symptoms are comparable to PTSD and might vary from person to person, according to psychotherapist Owen O’Kane:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Low motivation,
  • Feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness,
  • Disturbed sleep,
  • Changes in appetite,
  • Feeling numb,
  • Becoming increasingly angry or irritated,
  • Negative or catastrophic thinking,
  • Withdrawing socially,
  • Feelings of struggling to cope,
  • and “I can’t be bothered with anything” are examples of these symptoms.
Simple Breathing Trick for Coping with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

Collectively Dealing with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

We create our reality, at least in how we choose to react to our experience.

I don’t know about you, but since this pandemic started, I’ve felt more isolated and alone than ever in my life. I’ve gone in and sifted through the most frustrating aspects of myself, wondering some days, “what’s wrong with me?” Is it me?

We are all going through this together. And whether we want to believe it or not, regardless of where you live, where you call home, we are all on the third rock from the sun, together. Earth is our collective home.

“I am, because you are.”

Simple Breathing Technique for Coping with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

There is a simple Breathwork breathing technique you can use any time you’re feeling stress and anxiety. Using this technique moves you from the sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight to a calm and coherent state. It’s easy to do, and it only takes three minutes!

  1. Take a slow, easy breath, inhaling through the nose, for counts of four,
  2. Then, without pauses, exhale slowly out your mouth for counts of eight.
  3. Repeat this for about three minutes or until you feel relaxed and calm again. That’s it!

The most important thing about this technique is to simply focus on your breath. Concentrating on your breath brings you into the present moment, quickly calms your nerves, and creates coherence between your heart and mind.

I also recommend creating an intention, focusing on something you are grateful for in your life while doing this breathing technique.

Simple Breathing Trick for Coping with Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

Gratitude and Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

None of us are victims of the tragedy of this pandemic, and it’s here, and we are all in this together, forcing us to learn lessons…lessons we never thought we’d have to experience in this lifetime.

Each of us all chose, I believe, as souls to incarnate into this lifetime. So as you flip through those dating apps, walking on the street, swiping through Instagram, as you read this post… one word comes to mind: gratitude.

Thank you for this life. Thank you for this experience. Thank you for being a life. Thank you for being you. None of us is perfect, yet we are all divine beings having a human experience.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing up. Even if we are not physically sided by the side as brothers and sisters, we are here. Now. Together. On this planet, we call…home. A home ultimately is in the heart, inside each and every one of us.

Love. Love you. Love the homeless man on the street. He is your brother, and she is your sister. They reflect an essence that is a part of you and me. Any one of us could be in their shoes… or worse.

Thank you for your experience and for bringing it to the table. We all need each other, now more than ever. So show up, be you. You are amazing, worthy, and we all need YOU! I know I do.

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