5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico

Striving for conscious living in Mexico as a mindful expat, here are some of the most valuable and inspiring lessons I’ve learned while exploring ancient sites.
5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico

Friends in the US often say to me they think I’m courageous for living in Mexico. That, by stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming my fear of the unknown inspires them.

But, the truth is, it wasn’t that chivalrous. I was desperate. I no longer wanted the mediocre life I had led and I hungered for an adventure and a new beginning.

When I traveled to Mexico from the United States five years ago, all I brought with me was what I could carry in a 55 liter Osprey Farpoint travel backpack and my golden retriever, Mila.

I arrived in Mexico broken—disheartened and disillusioned with the life I had led in California. And I knew with a high degree of certainty that something in my life was going to have to change if I was going to survive.

I often say, Mila saved my life. At that point, I had just enough curiosity left in me to see if traveling with Mila was even possible. As long as I could keep her safe, happy, and healthy, that was enough to keep me going.

Indeed, caring for her despite the odds, and no matter what happened, turned out to be just what I needed to keep going. So, in that sense, having Mila with me saved my life.

5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico. Jason Samadhi and Mila, Playa del Carmen, November 18, 2018
Jason andMila, Playa del Carmen, Nov. 2018

Exploring Mexico’s Ancient Past to Awaken Conscious Living

5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico
Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

When Mila and I arrived in Monterrey, I was immediately in awe. Mexico was even better than anything I had ever heard.

A month and half later, when we arrived in Playa del Carmen, and my feet touched the ground, this energy traveled up through my entire body and out came a single word, “home.” It was like magic!

Since then, I’ve had many incredible experiences and traveled to several incredible destinations throughout Mexico—including exploring the pyramids at Teotihuacán.

As I’ve explored this great country, I’ve discovered a deep fascination with the rich history and ancient past of Mexico—especially ancient civilizations predating the Aztecs and Mayans.

Living in Mexico, I’ve discovered a deep curiosity about the ancient past, the energetic and spiritual significance of the ruins, the hidden symbolism of their true original purpose, and the significance they hold for the crucial awakening and ascension of human consciousness in modern times.

Becoming more aware of the subtle energies of these sacred places and how they relate to the evolution of modern day human consciousness is becoming a subject of great interest. I truly believe that there is a lot more going on here that we still have yet to discover and comprehend!

To learn more about pre-Mayan civilization, I highly recommend watching the new documentary on Gaia.com by Freddy Silva called, Mystery of the Maya.

5 Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico

Below are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from striving to live consciously and create a life I love the last five years here in Mexico.

  1. Have faith. Even when you feel like giving up, when it seems like all hope is lost, have faith. Trust that something greater, divine, is guiding you. And that, no matter what, you will be okay!
  2. No wrong decisions. I’ve also learned here that there are no right or wrong decisions, only experience. What may seem like the “wrong decision” at the time, years later, may turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life.
  3. Stay curious. Explore the things that interest you, even if they may seem trivial, boring, or mundane to others. Your passions and interests are the signposts to your joy and happiness.
  4. Go out of your comfort zone. Going out of your comfort zone is crucial to your personal development and growth. If there’s something you want in life, there’s a good chance you have to do things you’ve never done before. You may feel awkward at first, but ultimately, behind the facade of fear is an even bigger version of yourself waiting to be discovered.
  5. You are a creator! None of us can truly be happy until we understand why we do the things we do. Each of us is a powerful creator with the free will to choose a life you truly love. Incidentally, it’s also your birthright!  Sometimes, what we wanted or expected doesn’t turn out the way we imagined. And, for that matter, doesn’t turn out to be what we actually need. 
5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico
Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

One thing I know for sure:

If you trust the journey, even when you don’t understand it, you may just discover it turns out to be even better, and more magical, than anything you could have ever imagined!

5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico.
Teotihuacán, 01/2018

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3 Intriguing Teotihuacán Facts No One Tells You!

  • Teotihuacán was not built by the Aztecs! Just named by them.
  • Teotihuacán was most likely a polytheistic society and their primary deity may have been female
  • Secret tunnels have been discovered under the pyramids of Moon and plumed serpent
    Learn more intriguing facts about Teotihuacán.
5 Inspiring Lessons Learned from Conscious Living in Mexico
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