How to Change Your Life? 3 Tips to Get Started.

How to Change Your Life? A question I ask myself often. One of the great struggles in my life—truly committing to the necessary actions. These 3 tips helped!
How to Change Your Life? 3 Tips to Get Started.

How to Change Your Life? What’s it going to take? Why is it so hard to change? Why is it so hard committing to making the necessary changes? Questions we ask ourselves all the time?

And, there are those persistent thoughts (mine, for example):

  • I “want” to start exercising
  • I “should” change my diet
  • I “want” to meditate daily and do my breathwork
  • I “should” quit my addiction(s)

This has been one of the great struggles in my life, truly committing to the necessary actions for change. We think about what needs to be done, but sometimes, we don’t act? Why?

How to change your life. Where do you even begin?

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How to Change Your Life? Where Do You Even Begin?

How to Change Your Life? One of the great struggles in my life—truly committing to the necessary actions, but these 3 tips helped!

First, a great lessons I’ve learned is this:

  • Replace the “should” and “want” with “I am” and “I have.” This moves you from future project to present awareness.
  • Second, take small, baby, steps. What James Clear calls, “Atomic Habits.”
  • Third, focus on gratitude—for where you now, what you have already accomplished, and for the people in your life who already love you just the way you are NOW.

The monkey mind plays the same reel just as any perceived “bad” habit. Consciously choosing to stop playing that recording on replay has been the first step.

This is what I love about breathwork. By focusing on your breath through conscious, slow rhythmic breathing, and then going into breath retention, you can override that monkey mind by moving from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

It gets you out of the routine and move into a state of calm that makes it easier to focus on the first of the baby steps, and with clear and conscious intent.

We have so much capacity to be the best version of ourselves. Capable of facilitating transformation, healing, and expansion.

The key is committing and sticking with the necessary habits to make such changes.

On my path of self-healing, self-love, and self-awareness, I have adopted a mantra, a philosophy:

“You are your own medicine. You create your reality. So, you might as well create a life you love.”

The more I continue down this path, with a desire to share this medicine with others, the more I commit and succeed with my own self healing.

As we say here in Mexico, “día a día.” It’s life, it’s life in all it’s glory, joy, and bliss!

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