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Journey within through guided meditation. Find serenity, clarity, and inner peace in the sanctuary of your own mind.

[Video] Crown Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

In this crown chakra activation guided breathwork meditation, you’ll learn how powerful a creator you are, and indeed, you can create and live a life you love. The crown chakra is your divine connection to Source.

[Video] Third Eye Chakra Activation, Guided Breathwork Meditation

During this Third Eye Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation, explore your inner pharmacy, stimulate the pineal gland, and unleash the magic of imagination, intuition, and healing chemicals for a blissful, self-powered existence.

[Video] Throat Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

In this throat chakra activation guided breathwork meditation, discover how speaking with love, kindness, and gratitude, like magic, can transform relationships. Explore vocal toning to create vibration and frequency, giving vocalized expression to your intention.

[Video] Heart Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

Immerse in a transformative heart chakra activation guided breathwork meditation. Explore compassion, forgiveness, and loving awareness. Unveil the power of transmutation and breathe in the essence of unconditional love.

[Video] Solar Plexus Chakra Activation, Guided Breathwork Meditation

Immerse in a Guided Breathwork Meditation for Solar Plexus Chakra Activation. Ignite your willpower and focus in a vibrant journey through the yellow hues of joy and commitment. Join for a breathwork experience that electrifies your vitality.

[Video] Sacral Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

Immerse in a journey of Guided Breathwork Meditation, awakening your sacral chakra’s creative life force. Manifest passion, release blockages, and explore the depths of your desires.

[Video] Grounding Root Chakra Activation Guided Breathwork Meditation

In this breathwork meditation for root chakra activation, you’ll reestablish your energetic connection to Gaia, Mother Earth, for grounding and stability. Learn the basic breathwork techniques we’ll use throughout this 7 chakra activation, breathwork online course.

[Video] Reclaim Your Power—5 Ways Breathwork Alchemy Transforms

Reclaim your power—discover 5 transformative breathwork alchemy benefits to balance and vitality using the power of your breath. Begin your journey now.

[Video] 30-Minute “Gratitude Practice” Guided Breathwork Meditation

In this 30-minute “gratitude practice” guided breathwork meditation, set an intention to cultivate gratitude and give thanks for the abundance in your life.

[Video] 3 Rounds of Chanting OM Mantra Pranayama Breathing Exercise

In this guided pranayama breathing exercise, you’ll experience 3 fast rounds of chanting OM mantra (OM) to increase your mood and relieve stress and anxiety.
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